by Clu42 » Thu Sep 13, 2018 9:18 am
Hi Dane,
I saw your booth at the Solano Stroll on Sunday, and talked to one of your fantastic sales reps. I have a few thoughts though, to help draw more potential customers to the booth for next year. Your tent sign and advertising boards, should proudly state that "Sonic is Pro Net Neutrality." That "Sonic has no Data Caps." And that the introductory rate is between $40 and $70 (So people don't feel like it's false advertising when they discover about the other fees beyond the intro $40 for Fiber Gigabit) And of course it should say something like, "Fiber Gigabit Speeds in Select areas." All the tent sign said was "Sonic Internet + Phone." That makes it sound like an everyday DSL company. You need to promote your strengths so that people know you're a true competitor to AT$T and Comca$t.