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by ankh » Thu Aug 23, 2018 8:35 am
I downloaded and installed a fresh copy of the Mac client and now get connected to the VPN properly. Appears to be the same version as before but hey, it works.
Did that per suggestion from Support after I asked them again.

I still see just three 'wait' spinners with either Firefox or Safari if I click the "Connect" button on the page
by timyu94 » Mon Oct 29, 2018 6:13 pm
I've been using OVPN for a whole home VPN connection via a PFSense server and upgraded to 75 mbps IPBB a bit over a month ago. For the 45 mbps IPBB service the connection to Sonics OVPN server was pretty much maxed out at all times at line speed. With the upgrade to IPBB75 it seems the connection maxes out around 50-60 mbps hardwired whereas with it off the connection is 75-80 mbps.

I was wondering if this is a limitation on Sonics VPN side which may be optimized for the previous top FTTN tier of 50 mbps. If so is there any possibility that the connection can be enhanced so that a VPN connected to it can run at line speed on the new IPBB 75 tier.

For reference my PFSense build is on a chinese qotom mini pc running AES-NI enabled Intel i3-5015u with 2gb ram. Should be enough for 300-400 mbps of OVPN thoroughput.
112 posts Page 12 of 12

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