by lpdma » Thu May 21, 2020 8:36 am
I've had sonic's Fusion service at my new residence for a week. I've verified with tech support that shell access is enabled on my account. However, when I try to log in with ssh on using the username and password that work on, the login fails -- it just prompts for the password again. The same thing happens with the out-of-the-box ssh client on both Ubuntu Linux 14.04 and OpenBSD 6.4. I called tech support, and the result was very unsatisfactory -- rather than referring the ticket (#5967495) to the engineering team, or giving me an e-mail address or phone #, they said post the question here.

What perplexes me is that when I tried logging in on a couple of other sites, and deliberately provided an invalid password, I got an error message from my ssh client saying "Password invalid, please try again": when logging in on, I just got the password prompt again with no error message. I turned on verbose logging (-vvv) in the ssh client, and it didn't show any error message coming back from the server: it just re-prompted for the password. To me this suggests strongly that there is a problem with the server: the OpenBSD client, at least, is pretty recent (2018), so it seems unlikely that there's a protocol incompatibility.

I hope someone can help me past this problem. I don't want to do anything exotic with the shell account, mostly just use it to check the behavior of some common Unix utilities when my desktop version doesn't do what I expect.