by aanon4 » Sun Jul 07, 2019 6:00 pm
So I have the 2G down/1G up fiber service which is quite nice (if entirely overkill) and delivered as two 1G ethernet ports. I have it plugged into a pfSense box which balances traffic across these two. It all works very well.

But I'm quite curious what it looks like on the Sonic side? On my side, both lines see the same mac address from the Sonic (I assume in the ONT box) but DHCP provides different IP addresses for each line (they have different mac addresses). It's also become apparent that Sonic will issue more than one IP address per line via DHCP, although quite how many I don't know (but a smallish number). This makes me curious how traffic is routed from Sonic to me. Right now as my traffic comes from two IP addresses it just looks like two separate services; but if I only had one IP address (and one mac) on my end for both ethernets (a manual link aggregation setup) would Sonic balance the traffic because, from their perspective, it's just one pipe? I suspect not, but I might experiment to see. Either way, it'd be really nice to find out how it actually works.