Sonic is losing customers on the 1900 block of Yosemite Rd in Berkeley because you left us on a fiber-less island. Help!

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by ploer » Tue May 14, 2024 10:56 am
I just wanted to add to this thread as another longtime Sonic customer on the affected 1900 block of Yosemite who has had my fingers crossed for years that this would get sorted out. We've had to switch to using our Sonic DSL as a backup service, but have held onto it until now because we keep hoping fiber will become available and we can switch to that. (Saying it out loud, it doesn't really make much sense but I guess that's the power of the sonic fiber dream.)

We're very excited to hear that this might get sorted out. Thank you!
by davidkerrdesign » Tue May 14, 2024 1:16 pm
Adding to the note that I think many 1900 block Yosemite neighbors would be so thrilled if fiber were available. As the lucky one home with fiber from Contra Costa, I ditto the remarks about how great Sonic is to work with, talk to, and that the fiber service is fantastic.
by dane » Tue May 14, 2024 3:36 pm
Okie, some good news regarding a subset of addresses:

After a site visit we have determined that we can today reach the homes at 1874, 1890, 1900 and 1910 Yosemite. Those addresses have been activated in our GIS and they are orderable today. For those locals in this thread, if you can please let those folks know, that'd be very helpful to us - a few more subscribers makes all the difference.

The low mid-span segment on Yosemite between San Fernando and Contra Costa Ave will being looked at by engineering to determine if we can come up with any workarounds. Basically, the existing AT&T cable is as low as is permitted, and during initial engineering some years ago we could come up with no way to add a cable above theirs without lowering theirs which would put it an impermissible height above the road. Thus, no space to attach on the pole, so deployment wasn't possible.

But the team will take another look at this and see if we can find an acceptable workaround that'll pass the engineering standards today. We'll see what comes of that!

Meanwhile, please do tell those four neighbors to sign up! =)
Dane Jasper
by whumnicky » Tue May 14, 2024 8:36 pm
Thanks for the update.

I am reaching out to those other neighbors to tell them to sign up. I am sure they will be happy to learn that Sonic is available.

We look forward to hearing more about the possibility of fiber for 1937 Yosemite Road south to 1994 Yosemite Road. Hopefully, you can find a workaround for the problem pole.

Thanks again!
by whumnicky » Fri May 17, 2024 11:52 am

What is Sonic's timeline for engineering to look at the low mid-span segment on Yosemite between San Fernando and Contra Costa Ave to determine if you can come up with any workarounds?

Even if it is not possible, would it be possible if a pole were to be replaced? If yes, can Sonic request replacement of the pole? Is PG&E responsible for replacing faulty poles? We, the residents of Yosemite, would be happy to contact PG&E if this is the case, although you would have to provide us with the pole number as I don't know which of the two poles (or both) are the problem.

I look forward to hearing what your timeline is. Unfortunately, I have to replace my Sonic DSL service with something. I hope it can be Sonic fiber.

by dane » Mon May 20, 2024 6:05 am
I don't have info at hand regarding when we'll have a chance to re-check this low midspan location. But I'll inquire with the team to see if they know when they can get to it.

Regarding pole replacement, as long as the pole is currently safely loaded and clearances are adequate, replacement isn't an option. And even when a pole isn't safe, the process is to set a temporary one alongside and that triggers PG&E to ensure that the pole is on their schedule for reinforcement or replacement.

Not directly related to issues there, but some cities are blocking fiber deployment today by disallowing the placement of the temporary poles, FYI. Interesting development, as it halts deployment there. Unclear the motivation, whether an incumbent has convinced them to do this or if they're just misunderstanding the process, but it's blocking deployment in many cities today. To my knowledge though, Berkeley is not one of those, but you'll see another thread regarding Concord, where temporary pole limits are causing significant deployment delays for example. Cities, unfortunately, have become the primary source of construction delays and project cancellations over the last couple of years. It's ironic because I recall when cities were renaming themselves in a mad scramble to get Google fiber, for example. And today, some just won't allow Sonic to build.
Dane Jasper
by whumnicky » Mon Jun 03, 2024 8:52 am
Based on your response, "I don't have info at hand regarding when we'll have a chance to re-check this low midspan location. But I'll inquire with the team to see if they know when they can get to it.", you seem noncommittal toward remedying the lack of fiber for the 27 plus homes on my block.

My Sonic DSL fails multiple times daily. I need an alternative. Unless you can provide dates of when Sonic will come and re-check the low midspan location, I might as well switch to Comcast now. If making fiber available isn't something Sonic's business model can support, please just let me know and I will move on.

by whumnicky » Fri Jun 07, 2024 9:06 am

I assume the lack of replies and additional information means that Sonic is not working toward remedying the situation which prohibits Sonic from providing fiber to the 27 plus homes on Yosemite Road.

I have ordered a cable model and router. When they arrive, I will switch to Comcast and cancel my Sonic DSL. I will be sorry to go but don't have a choice.

by whumnicky » Fri Jun 21, 2024 1:26 pm

I have done all I can possibly do to remain a loyal Sonic customer. After months of Sonic’s DSL service failing at my residence, to the point where I could no longer work from home, I have been forced to cancel my Sonics DSL service and move to another internet serviced provider.

I am disappointed in Sonic’s response to my communications in this forum. Sonic’s first reaction as to why the 27 plus homes in North Berkeley are not serviced by Sonic fiber was to cite trenching as an issue. As revealed later in the forum, trenching is not the issue.

As you looked into the issue, Sonic revealed that it could service an additional three homes on Yosemite Road with its existing fiber infrastructure – homes that are not part of the 27 plus homes without Sonic fiber that I described. Sonic asked me to reach out these three homes and inform them. I went out of my way to contact those residents and on behalf of Sonic.
Later, Sonic revealed that the problem with installing fiber to the 27 plus homes that do not have access to Sonic fiber was that there was no room on the pole for hanging the fiber. When inquired as to whether the pole needed to be replaced, Sonic’s response was to cite difficulties with replacing poles in other communities, such as Concord, but not in Berkeley where I live. In the end, it did not seem like the pole needed to be replaced, but I never received a straightforward response from Sonic in this regard.

I rallied my neighbors, including two other Sonic DSL customers, on Sonic’s behalf. We offered to contact PGE, AT&T, local government, anyone, to help Sonic overcome whatever difficulties it had with installing fiber to reach the 27 plus homes without fiber access. Sonic’s response was to say that they would look into the problem and, then, crickets – no response from Sonic.

I wish Sonic well as business. I believe in Sonic’s mission. However, if Sonic’s business model is not able to provide service to fiber-less islands, such as the 27 plus homes on the block of my street, Sonic should just admit this to its customers instead of instilling false hope.

Good luck and goodbye!
by dane » Fri Jun 21, 2024 3:20 pm
I certainly understand the near term need for better access. And I hope that if and when we can get fiber delivered there, you’ll be able to switch to that solution.

Unfortunately utility construction is a slow process, and we cannot take up small projects immediately even when they’re possible. (And in this case, unless something has changed with that low clearance, it may not be possible at all.) We’ve got a lot going on all at the same time, and need to batch our infill opportunities and take them up in groups when resources are available here.

Our goal is to build fiber to everyone, as quickly as we can! So far we have reached over half a million homes, and growing, and that’s an amazing accomplishment by our team. It’s not a simple process to fund, manage and execute. But I know there remain far more homes that we haven’t reached (nearly fourteen million in California alone) than those we have. And we’re working as quickly as we can to expand, to reach as many homes as possible just as rapidly as possible.

Thank you all for your interest in and support of that mission.
Dane Jasper
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