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by Guest » Wed May 06, 2015 4:33 pm
Could someone explain what some of the options mean in VoIP settings?

Codec Preference, currently set to No. Explanation is use G.711 as the first codec. If set to no, what's the codec that will be used?

Allow outgoing call w/out registration, currently set to No. What does this setting do?

Message Waiting Indicator, currently set to Yes. Used to display if messages are awaiting.
Subscribe for MWI, currently set to No. Explanation is "Subscribe for MWI." Is this related to Message Waiting Indicator? If so why is the former set to Yes and this one set to No? Is it because I don't have voice mail enabled? We're still using our telephone's answering machine.

by timjackson » Wed May 13, 2015 9:14 am
Subscription to MWI should be hidden from users and I will fix that soon. That's referring to if the ATA will send a SIP SUBSCRIBE towards us to let us know that it wants to receive message-waiting events. We have these ATAs setup to not require this, so we by default just send a SIP NOTIFY on a message waiting event towards the ATA which causes the stutter dialtone and GR-283-CORE vMWI notification towards the handset.

For Codec Preferences, the default setting is to use G.729ab first, if you change this to yes it will cause the ATA to use G.711. G.729ab performed significantly better in our testing with high packet loss.

The Allow Outgoing Call w/out Registration will still give you dialtone if the ATA has not successfully registered with us. With that on by default, the ATA will give you a message about the line not being registered if the device cannot contact us.
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