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by richw-mine » Fri Jan 11, 2019 11:39 am
I am testing an HTTPS version of my website (Green Making), and I have a question about how it picks up the index file when it starts. I have been using to prepare the new site, but some time back someone at Sonic Support set up a test site for me at I’d like to use it now for development.

I have the certification documents, but I haven't loaded them yet because I don't want the public easily accessing the site. If you go to, you need to work your way through the security alerts to get to the site, but it is there. (In Firefox, click Advanced, Add Exception, and Confirm Security Exception to get through.)

When I use the URL, I get code in the <header> that sets global variables (URL, WB_URL, etc.) to values referencing ‘’. I don’t understand why.

I’ve examined the files in /home/admin/testing directory (by logging in with ssh) and I don’t have ‘id0129’ in any of them. (I ran a recursive grep for this and changed any instances of to I am using WebsiteBaker, which pulls code from a database (MySQL richw_gmtest) for this site, but I have also tracked down and converted all the references to in that database. (This database should be the active DB because the config.php file in testing sets DB_HOST to ‘’.)

Even so, if I run the site in Firefox and go to developer tools, I see this code appear in the (index) source for I suspect I’m getting a file from outside

Can anyone tell me when I use where it finds the index file to load first for the site? I’m expecting it to pick up /home/admin/testing/index.php. But it doesn’t seem to. In fact, if I rename index.php there to another name and go to this URL I get the same result, even when the file isn’t there.

Even though Sonic Support set this up, they don't provide any support for it. They referred me to the forum. This looked like the forum group most likely to have an answer, but if you have a suggestion for where else to seek the answer, I would appreciate that feedback.

by SonicGuest » Sun Jan 13, 2019 8:05 am
Try checking the .htaccess file.
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