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DKIM Authentication for my gmail business account

Posted: Mon Feb 05, 2018 12:23 pm
by lstein
My domain is registered at I also have purchased Google Docs some years ago for my business and use the spreadsheet function extensively. Earlier today, I used a really nice ADD-ON called YAMM (Yet Another Mail Merge). When I used it today to send an email merge, the app advised me that my email address was not authenticated and provided links to Google help pages.

The first page: runs a check of my domain. Ran check with these 3 results:
DKIM is not setup
DMARC is not setup
There should be a valid SPF record.

For DKIM: Followed these steps: and generated the TXT record value. The highlighted result reads:
DNS Host name (TXT Record name): google._domainkey
(and then): TXT record value: and a long string of letters and numbers.

Then: START AUTHENTICATION button results in this alert:
Email authentication was not verified. Please allow 48 hours for DNS to update and make sure you entered the correct TXT record into your domain provider's DNS settings page. [End of Alert].

This seems to suggest that I need to update the DKIM TXT record value on the domain registrar site, which I show as Please advise. Much appreciate your help.

Re: DKIM Authentication for my gmail business account

Posted: Mon Feb 05, 2018 2:15 pm
by miken
Log in to your account in Membertools and navigate to Web Sites / Domain Names -> Edit DNS -> Modify Host Record. Or just follow this link: ... ayServices

Once there select the domain you want to modify host records for. You'll see a list of records and at the bottom you'll fill out a new TXT record according to the verification values they give you.