by jefe » Thu Jul 13, 2017 3:50 pm
I have tested my site on multiple pageload speed tools
    * ... tab=mobile
    * ... g/e6IpAfM8
These tools suggest that along with the things I need to do on my side (minify javascript/optimize images) that there are some things that need to happen on the server side in order to optimize page load speed (currently 7 to 12 seconds) including
Enable gzip compression
Leverage browser caching

Also, Sonic doesn't seem to be running PHP7
For security reasons and an increase in speed I want to update the PHP version of my WordPress website to PHP 7. WordPress also strongly recommends the latest version of PHP on their requirements page,
More information about currently supported versions of PHP can be found here:
I've heard that sometimes a website can break when updating the PHP version. Can you assist me and update my site safely to PHP 7?

What is the plan for implementing these functionalities for the Sonic hoasting environment?