by csfund » Mon Oct 25, 2021 5:00 pm
We've been using Sonic for email for a while, and just recently a lot of outgoing email is being marked as spam on the recipients' end.

What changed?
We added/updated some A and CNAME dns records to point our domain to Square Space (away from sonic).
Our MX records were not changed though.
We also cancelled hosting, and then restored dns-only hosting service, and re-made all the @sonic email addresses.

Since then we've added an SPF record per this sonic forum thread.
Emails still going to spam, even though we verified the SPF value is passing (verified by sending tests to our own gmail accounts and viewing the "original email". And the spf said pass ).
Also verified that at least spf is passing (using mail

Recipient clients are using gmail, and possibly yahoo and sbcglobal email address.

Anyone have an suggestions / ideas?
Thanks in advance