by envarch » Thu Jan 14, 2021 1:50 pm

I have been managing a website for my company that was set up long before I joined the team. The domain name was registered with Sonic for years but hosted through another company, Webfaction. Webfaction is shutting down our account in the coming days and I have been trying to transfer the hosting services over to Sonic for simplicity's sake. I have been trying to follow the path outlined here: ... duplicator using the WP Duplicator plugin.

I have done everything up to step 6 "Create a database on your new web server". The steps outlined in that post assume that the new webserver will have cPanel, but I believe Sonic only has PHPMyAdmin. I have created a database through the dashboard but do not know how to upload the Duplicator backup file to the root directory for Is this possible?

Sonic tech support told me to take it to the forums, and after some time searching, I haven't found a solution. Any help is really appreciated as I am not typically the IT person and am taking this on as no one else is available. Thank you!