by relevant » Thu Jun 04, 2020 8:10 am

I am sending emails from a MS SQL server using a standard sp_send_dbmail stored procedure. The sproc sends emails through a SMTP server, in my case the Sonic server, using the non-SSL port 587 (I've also tried setting the srpoc's enableSSL parameter to true and using the SSL port number).

It works great, and the sp_send_dbmail sproc returns back a "success" code, and the log table shows that the email was successfully sent, however, I'm not actually "receiving" any of the emails that I send to any of my accounts. Even though it fails for all of the emails I've tried, it successfully sends emails to non-Sonic emails, including gmail and hotmail. I've tried both direct mailbox addresses ( and through aliases ( I've sent emails with the sonic email address as the "to:" and the hotmail/gmail as the "cc:", and vice versa, and using both sonic and non-sonic addresses together in the same "to:" field.

In all cases, the non-sonic emails always arrive successfully, but none of the sonic emails... at least I can't find them. I'm using to look for the emails (to eliminate possible retrieval issues from a 3rd party client), and have looked in the inbox, graymail, and trash, and left it overnight in case there was a delay for some reason; still nothing.

It would appear that those emails are being blocked at Sonic's general Support wasn't able to help me, and suggested I post on this forum. Any insight that might help resolve this would be appreciated.

Thank you.