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About HTTPs version of my website different from my http version website, same domain name. Minor issue.

Posted: Mon Mar 09, 2020 7:41 am
by guang23
Hi, I have bought a domain name from sonic, and enjoying, and I am able to use upload to vps sftp and or ftp way for my website.
For designing of website, I am using Axure software, generating HTML files for upload to sonic server. Upload had no problem. A few nights, starting have the HTTPs buggy problem, the button don't respond, the other button that is not part of the programmed interaction toggles show/hide gif. I tried deleted and regenerate, reupload. Buggy problem is only the appearance, so it is minor. Some gifs show and some don't in the https, but the https looks perfectly like I wanted.
I was then thinking that maybe when I go to the local Axure folder of my computer custom json file and fix a pfx certificate that might fix a little problem. However, since I have Sonic full great service, I need not to have any extra Axure json file to force a HTTPs. I am thinking that just simply reprogram my website so both look the same. In controversy, some gifs in HTTPS don't show. Only http version shows all gifs and all that I planned.
Perhaps posting this forum question may get an answer or any welcomed feedback.
I do wish to do animated gifs and interactions for my special ed quiz and activity projects online and in future in app development and software engineering.