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by dnoci001 » Tue Feb 25, 2020 5:14 pm
I have tested some server code on my local network and it works fine.
I'm having trouble setting up port forwarding for external access to the server. I have a SR515ac router.
I have set up a static IP for my machine and have also added it to the static lease list.
I have disabled the firewall on my machine to isolate the problem.
On the router I have done a few things.
I have gone to virtual server setup and added a new row with the desired port 1234 for external start and end and internal start and end. This also has the static IP I have previously defined and uses eth4.1.
I have added this information also to the NAT port triggering.
In Security ->IP filtering -> Incoming I have also added a rule to accept any traffic going to port 1234.

This is all new to me so I imagine I have done something very naive. Is there anything In particular I might have done wrong?

by ngufra » Thu Mar 05, 2020 2:37 pm
I don't know the devices you are using so it's a guess.

Do you have to specify TCP or UDP or both in the port forwarding? If so it is set correctly?

Are you trying to access your service from inside or from outside your home? The port forwarding is design to forward between WAN and LAN.

If i understand right:
Router is DHCP server and always give the same ip to you computer (based on physical address).
Check on your computer that the ip is the one you expected.
Computer has firewall off. Computer has a service waiting for connections on the port 1234
You have found your sonic connection ip address (or use a dynamic dns service)
you set port forwarding so that connection arriving on WAN port of router for port 1234 are sent to your computer (say also on port 1234 (it could be a different port)

you try to reach the address of the router from outside your home (neighbor/cell network) on port 1234 and expect the packets forwarded to your computer.

This should work.
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