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by » Tue Mar 12, 2019 4:26 pm
Had the misfortune of speaking to a very rude, incredibly hostile tech support agent this afternoon by the name of Matthew. Refused to give me his last name, refuse to transfer me to his supervisor. First time this has ever happened in the over 10 years I've been with Sonic.
I've major trouble with my VOIP service pretty much since the time I was switched over to it. I've been patient with you guys, waiting for nearly TWO YEARS for a solution to be found. So far, nothing. My third ATA (because you've replaced two of them) has started acting up, requiring me to reset it at least twice daily. I was trying to find out the status of this and when a technician visit would happen when I called tech support this afternoon.
Matthew first argued with me about the tech visit, saying your company would never send one out just to deal with VOIP service and that there had to be something wrong with my internet. Nothing's been wrong with my internet. It's been well documented over the past two years. When I told him I'd received an email from Sonic telling me a tech would be visiting me, he claimed to have no record of the email. I then forwarded him the email. He then began mansplaining that what was meant in the email was that there WAS something wrong with my internet (again, it had been previously determined that wasn't the case) at which point I asked to be transferred to someone who was more familiar with my case or to a supervisor. And that's when he got uber-hostile. Wanted to know why the name in my return address was different than my account name. As it's of a personal nature, I told him it just was and asked him why that was of any import in the current situation. He snarled back, "because I have to verify you are who you say you are." Ummmm... What? I asked him for his last name. "I don't have to give you that, " he shot back. I again asked to be transferred to a supervisor. "I can give him a MESSAGE (his emphasis, not mine) and you'll get a call back in around 48 hours."

Well, no, mofo. I've had enough of your macho posturing. I told him I'd go ahead and call back myself, which I did. Talked to a very sweet customer service agent in Sales (b/c I didn't want to end up talking to Matthew again), who promised to have a supervisor call me within 24 hours and apologized for the jerky behavior of the tech guy.

The fact that I'm even having to write this post is blowing my mind. I'm a longtime paying customer that's been SUPER patient about your company finding a solution to my VOIP problem of two years. And I have to deal with a douchebag like Matthew? I don't think so. Get this guy to a customer service for dummies class ASAP b/c wow... Just wow.
by sososonic » Sat Mar 16, 2019 5:37 pm
Very similar experience this week. I've been a customer for years. Support has been unable or unwilling to help me. I get vague responses on when I'll get help. It's been impossible to escalate an urgent issue. No one is allowed to talk to the supervisor? Really? I just need to wait for a call? They actually hung up on me. Very disappointing and very poor way to run a support organization.
by baphomette » Wed Mar 20, 2019 12:50 pm
I find it a very odd coincidence that a day or two after I filed a complaint about Matthew (talked to his supervisor on Thursday evening), my inbox was tsunamied with spam on a level I'd never encountered. When I say I received at least 800 emails since then, I'm not exaggerating. Aside from changing my Spam Assassin level, I've had to manually add at least 20 domains to my blacklist. I've talked to a couple of techs since the spam flood and neither of them had heard of it happening on a widespread level which makes me find the timing even more odd.

But whatever. The supervisor who called me back (I think his name was Ian) was extremely helpful as was the tech I spoke to today - Juan. So the good guys still exist which is great to know.
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