by tim and linds » Tue Feb 26, 2019 9:08 pm
Do you know Chris?!!!!

Dear Dane (I think this is your name) (chris told me but I forgot),

I just signed up. It was hard(I've been on the phone with comcast and AT&T tonight as can only imagine) wife and I are cutting the cable.

Chris in sales called us back shortly before your cutoff time (8:30 extraordinarily late which was awesome for me) he then proceeded to deal with my super annoying and technical questions until 9:00 pm. He had no idea we would sign up and I'm sure at points was concerned all of my questions were going to lead to no commitment.

His professionalism, kindness, and enthusiasm are unparalleled in this industry. I'm not sure if this is just Chris or your entire team (I can't wait to find out).

Anyway, we are sold and excited. I never leave comments anywhere on any forum but this was above and beyond.

Thank you, Chris. Thank you, Sonic!

Dane, feel free to give us a call sometime and I can explain more.