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by bakul » Fri Jun 22, 2018 11:31 pm
[Note sure what is the right forum for this...]

First, I have been using since Y2000 and happy with the service. Based on that, I recommended Sonic (as did a few other Sonic customers - this was on a local NextDoor thread) + the DiSH TV service. Someone who ordered this service based on our recommendations had to say this after their interaction with Sonic: says "from $40/mo" and when I check availability it's up to $60 (after a $10 discount), and then up to $76 at checkout. I really wish they would just say how much it is up front.
They do only seem to bundle with DISH which was terrible about 10 years ago when that was the TV option with ATT. Perhaps that's improved?

by virtualmike » Sat Jun 23, 2018 11:26 pm
I have Dish at an address that's not served by Sonic (out in the country), and we've been generally pleased with the performance of the system. We've only had problems twice. Once was when snow accumulated on the dish and blocked the signal, and the other was during a super heavy downpour (that probably had the same effect as the snow accumulation).

Last year, I spent weeknights at a place that had DirecTV, and I would never consider subscribing to that. At least once per evening, the system lost signal, so I lost 30-60 seconds of the show I was watching. That may not sound like much, until you're realizing that you just missed a key point in the plot, and since the signal was lost, you can't even rewind to watch it.

So, I'd take Dish over DirecTV any day.
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