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by sabenson » Thu Jun 02, 2011 3:24 pm
I previously had a Xbox1, that had XBMC on it, which allowed playing of divx media via network shares(no HD content though). Since then I upgraded to a Boxee Box which plays the HD content, is small, has a TON of features, Allows watching flash content from websites(comedy central, youtube, and a ton more...). it can play Netflix, and Hulu+. It used to be able to play Hulu for free, not sure about the current status of that. It has a list of TV shows and multiple sites that host the content(ie It is a little more expensive than the other hardware boxes, but definitely has more features. I've dabbled with the AppleTV and found that it is a very great platform. You can actually Jailbreak it(theoretically voiding the warranty, but 100% legal), and install XBMC on it. This will allow you to use the AppleTV to play content via network shares, and Unlike the Xbox1 w/ XBMC, it can play HD content.

Now that you have a rundown on how I stand on the hardware, there are a couple different methods to get the TV content(that may not be best to explain over the forums). Believe it or not, offers services for free that will allow you to access TV shows(sometimes before they air) but it is in a legal gray(more black than gray) area.
by darrylo » Thu Jun 02, 2011 6:52 pm
The (advanced) users at lifehacker recently took a poll on the best set-top box for on-demand video, and a DIY HTPC took the top spot: ... mand-video

This really isn't applicable here, as mostly novice- to intermediate-level users are here, but it's still an interesting data point.
by sabenson » Fri Jun 03, 2011 8:32 am
The HTPC is way too expensive for most people's needs. ~$500 for a computer(that is huge, lots of setup, loud, and uses way too much power) vs <$200 for a set top box(small, working within 10 minutes, completely quiet, and take little power). Imagine if you have to setup 3 TV's with HTPCs? For that hassle I think people would rather just have their existing cable. Also HTPCs remotes aren't always tied in cleanly to the computer, some require Mouse and Keyboard(which some people may prefer, but who needs a full-fledged computer on the TV when they probably have a smart phone).
by bobrk » Fri Jun 03, 2011 9:38 am
sabenson wrote:
What is the Forums stand on Piracy? :p

Interesting question. Are you assuming that all TV over the internet is pirated? I watch both Netflix and Hulu+ as well as a bunch of other stuff on my Roku and Apple TV and it all comes over the internet, but none of it is pirated that I know of.
by sabenson » Fri Jun 03, 2011 9:59 am
No, i'm not considering Hulu/Hulu+/Netflix being piracy. I was asking because there are other options for cable, depending on what people are comfortable with. There is a ton of freely accessible TV shows available, but it does require downloading the TV shows from sources that are frowned upon. Also, with Netflix and Hulu+ only have certain shows/episodes available. What happens if you want to watch a season of a show that isn't on those services? It is possible to get 100% free TV with an internet connection(already provided by
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