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by mesh » Thu Jul 21, 2022 10:51 am
I get 2-300 junk emails a day. I have almost given up using email because it takes too much time to sort it out or write rules in the email program to filter them out.
What I would like Sonic to do is to make it possible to look at the inbox list of emails that are there, click on the first email you would like to permanently designate as junk mail, wander down the list until you see a valid email, move one line up, hold down the shift key to bulk select all lines in from the original selection to the one you are on and be able to designate them all permanently to junk mail, such that none of them ever show up in your inbox again.
By doing this, I could reduce my 1200 junk mails a week to 100 or less.

Please Please Please make this option available, Otherwise I will be forced to find a provider that has this feature.

by ngufra » Thu Jul 21, 2022 11:30 am
Are you using webmail?
There are tick mail clients that do what you are asking like outlook or thunderbird.

I do not use sonic for my email but they may have some options to rank messages based on content, keyword, sender reputation, etc and let you ignore anything above a specific threshold.
by michael » Thu Jul 21, 2022 3:42 pm
Consider ProtonMail.

I wouldn't expect much from Sonic; I think they simply repackage an open-source webmail package. So I wouldn't expect them to even know how to modify it to support what you're asking.
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by ngufra » Thu Jul 21, 2022 4:34 pm
Did you look at the spam filtering and spam assassin options in your member settings?
Maybe this can cut down the email before they reach your mail box
by virtualmike » Thu Jul 21, 2022 8:49 pm
Along with the other options, you could consider switching to Gmail to read and process your Sonic mailbox. It has the feature you're asking for. The messages might still arrive in your Sonic mailbox, but you won't see them because you're reading through Gmail, which will deal with the spam for you.
by mesh » Fri Aug 05, 2022 10:56 am
thanks for the heads up..... appreciated
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