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by fredw » Wed Jan 13, 2021 3:20 pm
Yeah, I got it too, fell for it, and had to change my password. I've only recently started using the newer webmail and it seems to me that it's harder to see the real email source than with the legacy-webmail.
by dane » Wed Jan 13, 2021 4:35 pm
billfalls wrote:
I received this email as well. I'm surprised that it was not caught by the Sonic spam filter.

That's often the reaction that people have. But these are really tough to block, because of the way that anti-spam algorithms work.

Basically we use a global network of scores, for words and phrases, for sources and senders, for servers and relays. So mentioning "cialis" might be worth 1.5 point, while coming from a relay that's been reported as a source of spam might be worth 1.0 points. Having an invalid return address might add to the score. And when it adds up to more than a certain level, we think it's spam and segregate it.

But this phishing is narrowly focused, and directed only at Sonic customers. It doesn't look like typical spam - no free cruises or off-shore medication etc. And it doesn't trip scores from other carriers who participate in these global clearinghouses of block-lists and triggers.

So - hard to block. And really frustrating. Sorry.
Dane Jasper
by klui » Wed Jan 13, 2021 7:39 pm
The big red flag is the body contains a link that claims will take care of the described problem. I recently got a phishing email claiming to come from a bank where my account will be limited unless I renew my information. They even provided a link where I can enter all my info!

First thing to do is to look at the email headers. Sure enough it's coming from some randomly-generated address. I didn't even bother to flag it as SPAM due to the email's randomness nature. Never even bothered to look at the link. On mobile you can long press a link to see it but it could be misconstrued as a tap if one isn't careful so much better on desktop where a simple hover can do it. ... -phishing/
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