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Possible service overlapping during a service move?

Posted: Tue May 05, 2020 10:13 pm
by mrgba2z

I am about to move to a new place which also has sonic available. I'd like to move my sonic service. The problem is that there is a overlapping period when I want my sonic service up both at the old and new place. Is that possible? I would expect to get another equipment and install on my new place and return my old equipment after a week. I am very happy to pay the cost for the overlapping period if it's possible.

My backup plan is to get a brand new service on my new place then..cancel the old one later with the penalty fee. It's not ideal but kind of working I guess?

Any suggestions?

Re: Possible service overlapping during a service move?

Posted: Wed May 06, 2020 8:50 am
by dane
Internet access isn’t like a piece of furniture which can be picked up and moved. =) Instead, you simply order new service at the new location, and you discontinue service at the old location. Those two are initiated separately, at any time that works for you. So you can have a gap or an overlap in service.

Equipment will be provided for the new location, and return labels for the old one. That’s all automatic, as part of the new service order and the disconnection.

The only special considerations: if you would like to port your telephone number to the new location, it must be left in service until that is completed. This is the case no matter which carrier you are switching to or from.

And if an early termination fee were applicable for the service at the old location, you can request it be waived after both the changes (new service, and disconnection) are completed.

Oh, and if you are moving out of a place with Sonic fiber, do not remove or unplug the small white Optical Network Terminal. That remains with the premise. Please tell the new resident about Sonic fiber!