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by etuttle2 » Sun Feb 23, 2020 7:48 pm
Hello all,

I am having trouble getting online play working for the XB1. I have checked connectivity and can see the IP, subnet, mac, ect and have updated content, but it is saying I have a "double NAT" and it restricting connections to multiplayer content.

The set up I have is a Sonic SmartRG connected to a Linksys E3000 and then the XB1 is hardwired to the Linksys. The solution XB tells me it to directly connect the SmartRG to the XB1. That isn't an option due to room placement.

I know enough about networking to get myself in trouble, but not enough to be confidant I am going down the right rabbit hole. This xbox url had suggestions of opening up network ports. Is this a good think to try? If so do i try that in the Admin NAT section?

The other suggestion I had was setting a static IP but that seems dangerous if IP's change on me.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!
by prefab » Mon Feb 24, 2020 6:30 pm
Opening ports is one option. Another option would be to create a DMZ ("demilitarized zone," a feature commonly offered with NAT routers) and place the Xbox in it.

If i'm not mistaken, a DMZ has all ports open and generally doesn't offer any of the security that the router normally does. So you should be careful about what devices you place in the DMZ. I wouldn't recommend putting any device in a DMZ unless absolutely necessary, and definitely not any devices which are known to have weak security or contain important personal data which could contribute to identity theft.

For example, you shouldn't put a Windows PC full of sensitive personal information, smartphones, or your IOT devices (home security, thermostat, smart lightbulbs, etc) in a DMZ.

Although I am not a security expert, I reckon that a current model Xbox would be relatively safe in a DMZ. The security on the Xbox is reputed to be extremely tough to hack (even with hands on it, much less over the internet). Apparently MS spared no expense on the security of the current Xbox... mainly to deter piracy & cheating, with the added benefit of protecting the customer from malicious hacks.
by etuttle2 » Sat Feb 29, 2020 4:33 pm
Thanks for the suggestion. The last few weeks have been crazy. I will post again when its solved or I hit more walls
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