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Sonic's Bait and Switch Tactics

Posted: Tue Feb 18, 2020 8:25 pm
by doubledoink

I called Sonic's sales and was offered a "free" trial for 30 days. The representative told me that I will only pay $14 (taxes) for the first 30 days of service. Yesterday was an install, which went great, but today I see a bill in my mailbox for $64.19. I called billing and the rep. told me that what I was told the first time is not true.

She said that I can only get a trial and a service discount going forward if I use Sonic's router, which I don't need because I already have Eero Mesh. I said ok, I will use it to get the trial and the service discount. But she also said that it isn't possible to do I refund for $64.19 and that this charge will stand, but the next month will be free. I never got an email or a case ID that this is really going to happen. I have a feeling that when this doesn't happen and I call billing again, they will tell me that whatever I was told today isn't true either.

In addition, she said that in 1 year the fee goes up to $74.19 (don't you advertise everywhere that it's $40?), but if I return Sonic's router, for which Sonic apparently charges around $10, the price will go down to $64.19 again. All of this is very confusing and not very smart.

Why do I have to get equipment that I don't need and not going to use? Why do I have to pay fees for a phone line that I will never use? I thought Sonic is a better company than Comcast, but now I'm not so sure. And I'm still confused about the real cost of the service.

Re: Sonic's Bait and Switch Tactics

Posted: Wed Mar 11, 2020 5:32 pm
by ngufra
The way i understand is:

The price is $50 per month + taxes (and as a phone line is required, there is about $12 of taxes depending on your locality)

You can qualify for $10 off per month (bringing it down to the $40 advertised price) for the first 12 months, but you must rent their router/switch (for about $10 too)

My bill is $61.50 this month. I use my own equipment (except the ONT for fiber/voip that is loaned, not rented)
I think the value is good, but i agree that it misleading to advertise $40.
The reason they do this is to compare favorably with other providers (comcast/AT&T) that also have intro pricing.
Note that at the end of the intro pricing, sonic does not appear to have a retention department to renew your intro pricing.

I hope you still like the quality of the service and stick around.

Re: Sonic's Bait and Switch Tactics

Posted: Sat Apr 11, 2020 12:23 pm
by TomZ
I agree. I, too, think Sonic's marketing & sales policy is a misleading bait-and-switch. I've been paying too much, too long. I'm thinking about switching back to Comcast.