by gedurkee » Sat Feb 08, 2020 9:42 am
Below, I noticed a couple of campers unhappy with Sonic so just want to post an 'attapersons' (used to be 'attaboy' but....). I'd called in last week for serious outage (24 hours) of our fusion service over leased AT&T line. AT&T tech came out and found nothing wrong at the box or in the house, so he went back, fiddled with speed and said he replaced some lines and it's now been a week with no loss. So far, so good!

Several things. The AT&T guy was scheduled via Sonic, but didn't show up. I called AT&T and spent 45 minutes on phone trees, bad music (4 bars of the same awful earworm), and 5 different people just to try to find if the guy was still coming. Never did find out, I just gave up. (He came the next morning and, like all tech out here in the boonies, was a really nice & helpful guy.)

By contrast, every time I've ever called Sonic, I not only get just a two choice phone tree, I've almost always been connected to a live person in no more than 3 minutes or so. AND, there's now a choice where I can turn off the background music -- which I don't because you guys have much better playlist than AT&T... . Years ago, I was going through the same thing for our company's phone in another state. Endless phone tree, shuffled to people etc. At least an hour with no resolution. It happened I had to call Sonic next. I got a voice on the phone and I just waited to be given the phone tree choices. Instead, I heard "hello?" because I hadn't responded to their first cheery greeting. It was a real live person.

And: techs who have both the knowledge and, critically, the authority to give advice, check your system, or put in a ticket with AT&T. One person able to do all that. What a concept!

Anyway, not to be a gushy fanboy, but this is why I recommend sonic to friends and am willing to pay a tad more for great service (though maybe costs are now comparable... Haven't really checked in a few years.)

Oh, incidentally: I had a separate landline problem and that tech also looked at modem. He suggested plugging straight into wall and not through surge protector. He said you didn't always get clean steady amps/voltage and that would cause problems with modem. Never heard of that before but, when we did that, modem started working! It went out again 4 hours later but wondering if anyone else here has ever heard that?