by tbessie » Tue Nov 30, 2021 1:28 am
Hey folks/any watching support people...

I use the AquaMail Android email client to fetch my mail on my phone.

Recently, when AquaMail fetches my mail from Sonic's IMAP server, SOMETIMES it fetches no mail at all, even if there is mail to fetch. And SOMETIMES it does fetch it.

I contacted the makers of AquaMail and they weren't able to find any errors in their logs.

Soon after this, I noticed that if I logged into Sonic Webmail when I'm having this issue with AquaMail, and don't read any mail but just log in, and log off (using the web browser in my phone), and THEN fetch mail with AquaMail, it works.

The support people at AquaMail said that some mail providers have security measures that require this, but normally their client would be seeing an error message returned from the IMAP server if this were the case.

They also said that the number of IMAP folders I have - more than 42, currently - could be causing some issues with Sonic's mail server.

Anyone know what might be happening here?

- Tim