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by aliw » Fri Oct 25, 2019 5:40 pm
I'd like to have online payment available for any amount, any time in the month, independent of invoices and billing dates. Why?
1/ I don't get paid the same time every month.
2/ I need to pay bills when I have funds, sometimes for 3-4months at a time.
3/ Paying a few months' expenses in advance accomodates my seasonal income, and being on tour or at work off-grid for weeks/months at a time so I have service when I get back.
4/ Autopay doesn't meet my funds-availability reality: I get paid at inconsistent times by different contractors and payroll companies, this will NEVER change. Signing up for monthly autopay=signing up for a bank overdraft fee, or a Sonic cancellation of service.
5/ Chasing the 8am-5pm-weekdays Billing Dept around my nights/weekends schedule monthly as if this were a once-in-a-lifetime problem doesn't provide me a workable payment system. I need the ability to take care of my bills online on my actual schedule on an ongoing basis, as is the case for every other utility and service provider.
6/ Provide a way to make any-amount payments anytime in the billing cycle online. (NOT autopay of monthly deduction.)
Back when Sonic was new and small, the constant refrain was "eventually." Then the online billing system just got even tighter, you could push 2 months payments. Now its down to 1. The company is big enough to have a grown up billing system with anytime/any amount payment system. "Soon" and "eventually" are no longer adequate.
On what date in 2019 are you going to bring up an anytime/any amount payment system?
by dane » Sat Nov 02, 2019 10:48 am
Unfortunately, I do not anticipate that we would be able to accomodate any of these requests. Our service is billed to a Visa or Mastercard automatically each month, similar to Netflix or iCloud. We do not accept check payments for most of our consumer services at this time, and I'm sorry to say that there's little flexibility in our processes for the payment structuring that you are asking for.

One workaround that you might consider though is using a prepaid Visa card. You could load it with funds for a few months at a time, if that fit the funds availability better for you. Sonic would debit it on the regular monthly schedule.
Dane Jasper
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