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by donmacsonic » Thu Apr 20, 2017 7:26 pm
TIVO Mini utilizes the home network to play recorded content/or live TV from your main or other TIVO unit, in this case a Roamio. I have this setup for a couple of years with no problem on my previous router (TP-Link Archer7). The TIVO Mini will initially see/connect with the Roamio on the network, but after a few minutes will inform you it can no longer see the Roamio using the PACE 5268ac.

At first I wasn't sure where the problem lies, but it is with the PACE/Sonic router. The router crashes. If I reboot the router, then the connection is reestablished, but after a few more minutes of playing, the router, predictably, again crashes. Of course, when the router crashes internet goes as well.

It would appear that the router is unable to handle the communication between the two TIVO units. Thereby rendering the home network useless.

Has anyone else got a setup with a TIVO and a TIVO mini(s) that is functioning over the PACE 5268ac in their home? Fear I will need revert router to have a functioning home network.
by dane » Thu Apr 20, 2017 10:16 pm
That's an interesting one! I've asked the CPE team to review your post!
Dane Jasper
by donmacsonic » Sun Apr 23, 2017 7:08 am
I have restored all functionality to my home network by swapping out the 5268ac for my TPLINK Archer C7. This was primarily necessitated by the fact that the 5268ac would crash and thus disabled my Tivo capabilities on the home network and access to the internet. Secondarily, the 5268ac was disallowing computer to computer access via such as Chrome Remote Desktop.

Testing on multiple speed tests generally gave me these results with the TPLINK Archer C7:

Latency: 3ms
Jitter: 2ms
Download: 949.65 Mbps
Upload: 107.28 Mbps

These are comparable results to what I was achieving with the 5268ac.

All is well.
by dkenglish7 » Sun Apr 23, 2017 8:19 pm
My Tivo Mini generally co-exists OK with my 5268ac, though I suspect my network arrangement provokes a known bug in the 5268ac that makes it stop routing between the wired and wifi segments.

My Tivo host, a Premiere XL4 is on the wired ethernet. The Premiere is connected to the Mini via Moca. The Mini has no trouble reaching the internet in this arrangement. I could never get the Mini and the Premiere to work reliably together when the Mini was on the ethernet - there are lots of discussions of this on the Tivo Community forums.
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