by dane » Sat Jun 04, 2016 1:27 am
For Sonic DISH subscribers, the HopperGo is now available. This $99 device connects to the Hopper DVR in the home to download recorded content, then serves up that video content over WiFi to up to five nearby devices. Think of it as a portable DVR, to go! The HopperGo stores up to 100 hours of HD content, all in a tiny battery powered box smaller than a deck of cards. (Perfect for long car or airplane rides!)

This means there are now three ways to view your television content when outside the home:
  • Stream any content off your home DVR or live tv using the DishAnywhere app. (Uses cellular data or WiFi.)
  • Load content onto your phone or tablet at home, for later viewing without an Internet connection or usage.
  • Load content onto the HopperGo, for a portable video hotspot, no Internet connection or usage.

For more info on HopperGo, see ... -hoppergo/