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by ankh » Tue Jan 08, 2019 4:02 pm
More stuff coming. This from Soylent News:

Video Streaming Services set for Cambrian Explosion
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| posted by martyb on Monday January 07, @01:15 (Digital Liberty)

[0]RandomFactor writes:

If you watch streaming aggregators such as Netflix and Hulu you've likely noticed a decrease in the scope of their catalogs, with items of interest being added less frequently over time, and entire catalogs of content disappearing. New shows come out and don't ever make it to the service, or perhaps are only available through some add on service.

My favorite of all time was the "You need a cable subscription to watch this content, please log in with your cable provider", why even show us those?

This trend has been ramping up as providers try to build and market their own streaming services and restrict competition via content (or via [1]adjustments to bandwidth for their streams)

And it is getting worse - "[2]Netflix and chill no more—streaming is getting complicated" explores the trend.

Disney Plus is set to launch late next year with new Marvel and Star Wars programming, along with its library of animated and live-action movies and shows. It hasn't announced pricing yet, but Disney CEO Bob Iger said in an August call with analysts that it will likely be less than Netflix, which runs $8 to $14 a month, since its library will be smaller.

AT&T plans a three-tier offering from WarnerMedia, with a slate of new and library content centered around the existing HBO streaming app. No word on pricing yet.

Individual channels, such as Fox, ESPN, CBS and Showtime, are also getting into the act. Research group TDG predicts that every major TV network will launch a direct-to-consumer streaming service in the next five years.

Subscribing to service after service will quickly cost more than a cable bill, choice will be limited, finding shows more difficult, and multiple terrible interfaces (instead of one well known crummy interface). Much of the point of cord cutting will be dismantled.

Discuss this story at: ... 06/2124241

1. ... -slowdown/
2. ... cated.html
by ankh » Fri Jul 31, 2020 9:34 am
I see in threads above that Dish did a whopping price increase reported by a user that Sonic was unaware of,
and in another thread I see
We are no longer offering Dish TV services any longer.

It might be worth the effort of cleaning up these threads to boil the information down to what's actually available.

I can't see paying a hundred dollars a month, which appears to be the ballpark, just for a lot of cr@p I'm not interested in.
I just want to watch Congress in action. Cr@p, but by choice.
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