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by Happy Customer » Fri Jul 13, 2018 4:20 pm
Have used Accession Communicator on my iPhone for over a year with no problem until a few days ago.

Now receiving the following message within the Accession app: "Service Issue! You may not receive incoming calls/messages because of a problem with network capabilities. Please contact your service provider."

At other times (more rarely) the following message appears: "Service Issue! You are not receiving incoming calls. This is a temporary issue, however if the problem persists please contact your service provider."

The problem is currently permanent not periodic. The service provider is

I have disabled and enabled Accession within voice settings as well as logged off and back on in Accession with no resolution. My IOS version is 11.4. Not aware of any recent software or network changes.

Wish to remain a Happy Customer. Any advice appreciated. Thank you.
by Not happy customer » Mon Jul 23, 2018 2:47 pm
I've the exact same problem of Accession not being able to connect to their server with a message indicating service issue, call sonic and on the phone for over 30 minutes with 2 different rep, both told me to search the forum for answers and they also told me they have no training for this, the first rep didn't even know what is Accession until I explain to him and how it work, still, took him 5 minute to understand what it is, what kind of technical support is this? I am so disappointed with Sonic's tech support now! I had the same problem before, it only took someone less than 5 minutes to fix it on their server, I was told that by default Accession user per phone number was limited to 3 login so if you use the 4th device to login the same account, one of your device will get bump, but they said they can increase the number of devices to avoid such a problem.

Sonic, if you offer this, you should have a way to fix it, don't tell customer to search your forum, forum doesn't offer fix issue on your server, and also, you can talk to supervisor anymore, I guess even if you talk to the tech support supervisor, you will get the same answer because that's how Sonic train their tech.... Just say NO to customer!

So sad I use to love Sonic, but starting about 5 months ago, I have contacted their tech support couple of times, all I got is "NO", we can fixed it, go search the forum. Don't count on the supervisor to call you back even if the tech promised to setup a call back for you, because they won't.

When sonic initially started as a local small company, it was nice, now after the 30% of the fiber service for SF, they turned themselves into another AT&T and Comcast.
by Not happy customer » Wed Jul 25, 2018 1:34 pm
For those who didn't get help from Sonic (which there tech support has no clue of Accession was offered by Sonic), here's what is official from their supervisor:
Accession Communicator is no longer supported, instead, it's replaced with a Sonic dedicated "Accession" - Sonic Mobile Communicator (use same login info as Accession) which can be download from App store or from links within their member's/tool website after you login.
Everything works now, Sonic should have announce it through email to their customer rather than have them call their "no clue" support.
by Happy Customer » Wed Aug 29, 2018 9:41 pm
Thank you Not happy customer for following up on this problem.

I agree Sonic should provide better support for products that are ancillary to their main services but are recommended and part of their suite. It is also misleading for the support person to promise a call back when the problem is fixed and not deliver. I found out the solution from your posting alone.

Nevertheless, I'm still a happy customer that a solution was found. The new Sonic Mobile Communicator works just as well and perhaps is better. So far it seems to be more stable and maybe it is my imagination but the voice quality also seems clearer.

Now that this communicator is more integrated into the offerings, I hope the support will improve. Thank you Sonic and thank you Not happy customer.
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