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by ndwrmsv2 » Fri Oct 02, 2020 6:07 pm
ngufra wrote:
mityaha wrote:
Is it possible to remove phone line from your service and not pay for it? As of now I am paying for lame spam phone calls I receive all day long.

No. Sonic sells a package with internet and voice.
You don't have to use it but you can't even return the ATA.
Many people have asked but sonic's position has not changed.

It was mentioned in a different thread that you could adjust the settings on your voice number to forward all calls to voicemail immediately by setting the forwarding time to zero seconds. That way incoming calls never ring, and most spam calls disconnect automatically rather than leaving a message. You can also have any actual messages sent to a designated email address as an audio (.wav) file, so you don't even need to log into voicemail to review them. If it's junk, delete the email, and then occasionally log into voicemail to clear your inbox so it doesn't become full and stop accepting messages. (Or use the Mobile Communicator app on your phone to do that, it works just as well.) If a message is real, you'll see/hear it quickly so you don't miss it. Of course if you really don't want to ever review messages, let the voicemail box fill up, never clear it, and in a short time all new messages will get rejected. (Your outgoing message could even warn callers not to leave messages since you'll never review them.)
by mityaha » Thu Oct 08, 2020 11:29 am
Please just implement a whitelist feature. It is not hard, it is opposite to blacklist, logic is the same, just with opposite sign.
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