Backfed HT801 ringing other phones when I pickup the handset of any phone

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by wwwong » Mon Aug 03, 2020 8:35 pm
I currently have my HT801 backfed into my home phone lines with the blessing of AT&T (IPBB). They disconnected all my telephone wiring from the NID so there shouldn't be any interference from them.

When I pickup a handset of a telephone (prior to dialing any digits), I hear a short-ring (lasts for less than a half-second) on other phones in my house. Anyone know what that is? Is it a glitch?

Is there a way to login to the HT801 and modify voltage settings?

by david.c » Wed Aug 05, 2020 11:31 am
Currently there is no way to modify the voltage settings for the ATA. The ATA was not designed for back feeding into phone jacks but it sometimes works with one or two phones. Typically ATA users have a phone with a base-station that connects to other wireless phones throughout the home. I suggest trying to unplug other phones in the house to see if the ATA can work with one phone then up to two phones and so on until it stops working to find the limit. Hope this helps.
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