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Does busy forward actually work?

Posted: Tue Dec 31, 2019 6:20 pm
by gizmos
On the CommPortal settings page there's a checkbox for "If your phone is busy forward to another phone". I check that, fill in the "another phone" number, and click Apply. Should this work? It doesn't seem to - if the Sonic ATA is busy and another call comes in, then I hear a call waiting beep on the ATA line but the incoming call never transfers. It just rings forever. I've let it ring as long as two minutes and nothing ever happens.

Is this broken, or am I doing something wrong?

On the same topic, is there a way to disable call waiting? It appears that Fusion fiber customers can do this, but it doesn't seem to be possible with the crappy FTTN VoIP service.


Re: Does busy forward actually work?

Posted: Thu Jan 02, 2020 10:08 am
by gizmos
To followup on my own question - I called Sonic support and had a nice chat with them. I've got to say that the saving grace for Sonic (over, say, AT&T or Comcast) is that I can call Sonic support and immediately talk to somebody who knows more about the problem than I do!

Anyway, the call forward on busy does work, BUT you must disable call waiting first. The catch is that there isn't any setting for call waiting on the Sonic CommPortal page - it's actually in your ATA. To access your ATA, click "Account Settings" from the Sonic CommPortal page and then select "Devices". You'll get a list of your ATAs. Pick the not very intuitive "Set Keys" option and you'll get a new browser window that allows you to configure the settings of your ATA. From there you have to pick your ATA again, and then select "User" and "Line 1". Finally you'll get a setting that allows you to disable call waiting!