Trouble receiving "verification" calls into Sonic Fusion (ADSL) line

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by rcoaster » Fri Sep 08, 2023 11:33 am
Hi all-

While using a California government Web site ( and creating an account, I had two separate cases where "verification" calls were not received on my Sonic phone line. These are calls where you create an account and password, and then they want to "verify" that it is you by any of several methods: e-mail message, voice phone call, or cell-phone text message. Whichever one you use, they send you a code typically that you enter into the Web site to complete your account creation. In some cases, you need to do this verification -every time- you log in. I --never ever-- want to use my cell phone for any of these sites, because I expect that they all want to start sending me junk text messages, which I do not --ever-- want to receive.

As part of my account creation, the site also required me to use a separate company and Web site for further verification called "" (and that is its Web address as well). This site also had the same problem; it said they had called my Sonic line but it never rang. I tried with and without a 1 before the number, no difference. I ended up using e-mail for the EDD Web site, but did not have that option, so I used a Google Voice number I have and that line rang fine.

My questions are: Have any of you had similar problems, and is there a way to get it fixed? Or, do such systems know which numbers are "real" hard-wired lines versus being cell phones (and Google Voice counts as a "cell phone" line since it can use text messages also), and is this another indirect way they are pushing people into using cell phones versus real phones?

I appreciate any comments or help here.
by joemuller » Fri Sep 08, 2023 6:32 pm
I'd recommend noting down the time and date that the automatic phone call is supposed to have been made to your home number, then either give our Support team a call or email describing what's going on, along with the date/time information -- that should help them track down if the phone calls are making it to Sonic's phone switch and also to your landline.

-- Joe M
I'm a proud employee of! :-)
by virtualmike » Fri Sep 08, 2023 7:03 pm
rcoaster wrote:
Or, do such systems know which numbers are "real" hard-wired lines versus being cell phones (and Google Voice counts as a "cell phone" line since it can use text messages also)

I second Joe's suggestion to contact support when it happens and provide the requested information. However, I'd suggest you also provide the number that shows on your Google Voice call log, as that can assist in troubleshooting.

Personally, I wonder if the numbers are flagged by NomoRobo as spam. If several people have reported the numbers to NomoRobo as spam, Sonic would reject the call. I believe there's a way that you can configure your Sonic phone service not to filter calls with NomoRobo, but I can't check since I don't have Sonic phone service.

Note that the master database of phone numbers lists Google Voice numbers as VOIP, not mobile numbers (even though they can receive texts). There are some sites where I've tried to use my GV number for registration, but those sites rejected it, claiming they cannot accept VOIP numbers.

Even weirder, if one tries to port a phone number to or from Google Voice, the porting system treats it as a landline, not as a mobile or VOIP number.
by rcoaster » Fri Sep 08, 2023 7:14 pm
Thank you both for your detailed replies, Joe and Mike. I should be able to get rough estimates of when the calls should have arrived and report that information to Sonic support.

Mike, those are interesting notes about the Google Voice system. That would also explain why neither Uber nor Lyft would accept my Google number to sign up for their services. (So, of course, I have never used either company and I am happy to keep it that way.)
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