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IPV6 for fusion customer

Posted: Tue Apr 02, 2019 5:10 pm
by sumantjha
So I have been a user of Sonic for a month, and I need ipv6 enabled to access my office emails and vpn and stuffs.
When I go to my member page, under internet connections, in the Fusion IPV6 Configuration option, I get an error saying:

"We're sorry, but we were unable to find a supported managed IPV6 capable modem associated with this service address. If you are currently renting a model and believe this to be in error, please contact Support"

So, I did contact the support. Twice. The first time, I was asked to reset the modem, which I did. They said the error will go away in 24 hours. I waited 1 week for that to happen. No improvement.

I called again today. Today they said that all their modems are IPV6 capable, and all I can do it to check on forums. I am okay to do that.

But, my point is, sonic's website diagnostic for my modem is showing the modem, which i rented from sonic, is not IPv6 capable. I am attaching the screenshot where it says that.

I am willing to put in work to get the ipv6 tunnelling working, but i do need a ipv6 capable modem before that. So, what I am missing?

Sonic's membership page says my modem is not IPV6 compatible.
Their tech support says it is compatible.

So, how can I test it and get an ipv6 tunnel working on a sonic internet?

Re: IPV6 for fusion customer

Posted: Sat Apr 06, 2019 8:34 am
by danielg4
Which service do you have? ADSL?

Re: IPV6 for fusion customer

Posted: Mon Apr 08, 2019 12:03 pm
by drew.phillips
Hi sumantjha,

You do have the right modem for enabling the IPv6 tunnel from Member Tools, but there is an issue with it's settings that is preventing it from having IPv6 enabled.

I've reached out to one of our specialists who can get this fixed up for you. The fix can be applied remotely without any interruption to your service.

We'll report back when ready for you to try again.

Re: IPV6 for fusion customer

Posted: Mon Apr 08, 2019 2:01 pm
by drew.phillips
Hi sumantjha,

The issue has been corrected and you should be able to enable IPv6 tunneling to your router through the Member Tools.

Thank you for the report and let us know if we can assist further!