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by csx2282 » Wed Sep 28, 2011 8:15 pm
I recently signed up for sonic's FAX sending and receiving services. The first thing I did was create a test pdf file and sent it to my incoming FAX number which was successful.

Today I tried to send a FAX to an outside number in Orange County and it failed. I called the voice number for the business and confirmed that the FAX number was correct, but they did supply me a backup FAX number to try and that one also failed. Since I needed to get this FAX sent, I printed it out and had it FAXed from a local Postal Annex office to the first number which succeeded.

I thought there might be something wrong with the PDF file, so I used my sonic's FAX service to resend it to my sonic incoming FAX number and it went through.

I emailed a note to sonic support and was informed that since their FaxLine service is still in testing stages they were unable to provide the kind of support I was looking for. It also recommended posting my questions to this forum.

Is anyone else having similar problems sending FAXes?
by kgc » Thu Sep 29, 2011 9:19 am
I'm curious if you might be able to find out the make and model of the fax machines that you were trying to fax to in Orange County or if, perhaps, they are provided by the same electronic fax service. Not all fax machines are created equal. I see that a 3rd attempt to send the fax to a South Bay number was successful. For what is is worth, it looks like about 3% of the attempted faxes fail with transmission level errors. This is higher than I think it ought to be - it looks like a good failure rate should be closer to 1%.
Kelsey Cummings
System Architect, Sonic.net, Inc.
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