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Re: Where can I file a formal complaint about bad tech support

Posted: Wed Aug 17, 2022 5:26 pm
by luv2swim
andy64 wrote:
Eli, I really don't have a lot of time to deal with internal managememnt issues at Sonic. Your analysis is incorrect. Please go back and LISTEN to my convo with your rep. "calls are recorded." The guy was clearly either a. stonewalling or b. not that good at following very very basic logical trains of thought. I have spent decades as a teacher, both in ESL settings and as an instructor (of computers) in a homeless services center, where clients came in with multiple diagnoses of mental illness and were often drunk or high. I am extremely good at making things clear. I was utterly unable to and wasted 30-45 mintutes of time. Again, listen to that call. When I asked where I could lodge a complaint, how could I speak to a supervisor, which I did at least three and as many as five times, he just told me to go to this forum. It was not a miscommunication. I have been a client of sonic since 2002, that's 20 years. and I always stayed with you because phone support was smart and accurate and helpful. 2-3 years ago, that started going steeply downhill, but that call I'm referencing was literally the worst ever, by a power of ten. Don't write back to me please, I've got other stuff to do, but please clean up the mess. I'll be leaving sonic just as soon as I can make the time, but for other customers' sake, go back to how you used ot hire and train tech support.

If you read amayfield's email you'd know that tech support was never "trained" on wordpress and that any knowledge of it came from their own experience, not training.
If people helped you with something that's never been supported in the first place, that's great. But you cannot guarantee everyone you speak to will help you with an unsupported issue that is not in company policy. That is a luxury and not some basic right that you inherently have. If you want a personal tech, hire an IT technician.