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OpenVPN slowdown

Posted: Tue Oct 01, 2019 1:39 pm
by joss
EDIT: The speed has improved since I wrote this. I don't know if there was anything done outside my network, but now I can load a speed test and it shows the 21 Mbs that I expected.

I have been experiencing very slow response time using OpenVPN this morning. I have one PC that is outside the VPN my FTTN connection gets 23 Mbs down, 1.3 up. But within the VPN I cannot even get the speed-test page to load without timing out.

Up to today, the response has been excellent, the 23 Mbs speed is consistent with previous tests I have run and when inside the VPN, I have seen that drop to 21 Mbs which is acceptable. Today, however, YouTube stutters, web pages load slowly or time out.

I called support, but they were only able to verify that connection seems OK. Since OpenVPN is considered a lab offering I was told to post a query here.

My OpenVPN connection has been running on a PF/Sense router for two years, with a wireless router plugged into that to serve those hardware devices that only support wireless. The PC on which I first noticed the slow-down, is not connected wirelessly.

I noticed in the PF/Sense dashboard a few packet loss indications while I was on with support. So I was wondering, is the OpenVPN issue on my side or Sonic's?