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by rpineau » Sun Jan 27, 2019 3:47 pm
I currently have AT&T fiber 1000 but the customer service is horrific to say the least. Our connection went down and they can't send someone before at least 4 days !!! And my wifi works from home (everybody is remote in her company).
So we'd want to switch to Sonic as they are now also offering the 1000 package at our address. We know it still uses AT&T lines but can we expect better support ?
I also noticed that the PACE gateway from Sonic (which is the same as AT&T thanks to their 802.1x auth) has a proper bridge mode, can someone confirm this ?
So when switching, as I understand it, AT&T deploy the line then Sonic offers the service on it, will Sonic reuse my current line and when there are issue with the fiber, is it dealt with by AT&T or by Sonic ? (like mine is down right now, no light coming fro the fiber.. so ONT goes to alarm and PON led stays down..).
Any input would be welcome.
by dane » Mon Jan 28, 2019 11:30 am
In regards to the regions where we resell AT&T IP Broadband fiber, Sonic doesn't have control over the dispatch and repair, so while it'd certainly be more pleasant to work with our customer care team, I don't think we'd have been able to get this issue resolved for you any faster than you're able to resolve it as a direct retail customers of theirs.

The primary reasons to obtain IP Broadband from Sonic on the AT&T network are:

No usage based billing. Because of our bulk commercial contract, Sonic members get usage without meters or caps. This is important if you're a household with high data usage; backing up a single terrabyte hard drive that you might use for backups or media storage (they're only $50 these days) would totally blow the data cap on a retail service. So for those who want to back things up, or who create media such as video, or who just stream a lot, Sonic's service is great because it's a simple flat rate. See also: https://www.techspot.com/news/78459-mor ... xceed.html

International phone service. Sonic's Fusion offerings include not just unlimited nationwide home phone service, but that service also provides free calling to fixed lines in over sixty countries. It's an amazingly cost-effective home phone service, and particularly for those expats and others with international calling needs, a really great value. I'd also note that as so many folks migrate to a mobile-only lifestyle, having a solid and reliable "landline" - even in cases where it's delivered over VoIP - results in much higher voice quality and reliable call handling than mobile. If you spend much time on the phone each day, you'll be surprised how much less exhausting it is to do it on a line with good voice quality.

Sonic customer service. Our local staff are wonderful, and greatly ease the general frustration of dealing with carriers that many consumers are used to. Day after day, I see feedback from members about how pleased they are with the responsive and friendly customer service, and I'm very proud of that team.

Our mission. Sonic's goal is to build a better internet, and in the process to fix the issues with the cable-dominated internet access here in America. Joining Sonic as a member support that mission, as we continue to expand and build more fiber networks.
Dane Jasper
by rpineau » Tue Feb 05, 2019 4:32 pm
Thanks for the reply.
So as I have AT&T fiber right now (1Gbps symmetric) what is the procedure to switch to Sonic ?
Do I cancel my AT&T contract and subscribe to Sonic and assume they'll use the same drop ? Or do I need some overlap and they'll use the same drop and I'll cancel my AT&T contract AFTER switching to Sonic ?
Thank you.
by Larns576 » Tue Feb 05, 2019 7:48 pm
Another guy had the same question. Dunno what he did in the end tho.

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