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by Guest » Mon Jun 20, 2011 4:59 am
Hi Dane

I've been reading the tweets at

You mentioned activating San Jose COs 15, 18, etc

How about SNJSCA11?

SNJSCA11 serves:
408-729 408-923 408-926 408-928 408-929
408-937 408-251 408-254 408-258 408-259
408-347 408-272

Please, please come over here.
by thulsa_doom » Mon Jun 20, 2011 7:17 pm
SNJSCA11 was one of the first San Jose central offices we deployed at. I'm unclear as to why we didn't tweet about it.
John Fitzgerald
Sonic Technical Support
by Guest » Mon Jun 20, 2011 10:15 pm
Hi John

So is deployed in SNJSCA11 yet i'm still 5000 feet behind a remote terminal.

Please confirm that means no fusion for me?

Thanks for the quick support
by wa2ibm » Mon Jun 20, 2011 10:34 pm
Yes, that means no Fusion for you. RT's provide a much stronger downstream signal to those attached, since they're closer than the CO. Sonic's Fusion equipment is only located at the CO, and if they were to attempt to provide you with a signal, it would be much weaker that other signals in the cable bundle serving your block, that it would drowned out and not work for you. This is why Fusion is not offered to anyone located behind an RT (such as myself here in the Almaden area).

Your best bet is to sign up for Sonic conventional DSL, which will be served to you from the RT. That will put you on Sonic's current customer list for your area, which works towards Sonic's planning for fiber deployment.

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