Sonic Fiber into Rockridge?

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by astrorob » Tue Dec 04, 2018 10:03 pm
dane wrote:
astrorob wrote:
any plans to pull fiber in upper rockridge where utilities are undergrounded? ATT is so far a no-show here, or is only nibbling at the edges of the neighborhood.


So, the short answer is, no. The longer answer is, we are scaling up a lot, all around the Bay Area, and in most regions, aerial served homes will be connected first, then we'll "dig" :lol: into the underground processes in each region and assess our next steps.

thank you for the reply, Dane. i guess that's sort of what i expected to hear. what kind of timeframes are you thinking about? 5 years? 10 years? hopefully oakland is not hostile to the microtrenching stuff.

i do wonder though, with all the undergrounded utilities already in place, aren't there conduits under the streets for electric and cable TV already? are you forbidden from using those rights-of-way, or are they simply not designed to have new cables pulled through them?
by packeted » Thu Dec 20, 2018 1:41 am
Hello neighbors,

I'm on Shattuck between 59th and 60th and have been waiting patiently on the pre-order last for a year. I saw some pretty heavy duty black conduit being installed along the poles on Shattuck today, maybe it's coming?!? :) Fingers crossed for an installation soon.

by packeted » Wed Dec 26, 2018 11:30 pm
Hey Dane, just wondering if there's any update on this FDA 8A/8B for Shattuck & 58th - 60th St? I did see some pretty serious cabling going up on the poles across the street a couple of weeks ago, hoping we're still on track :)

dane wrote:
Local wrote:
aanon wrote:
58th and Shattuck

Wondering about this as well (basically the same location - hello neighbor?).

What "FDA" is this considered?
I noticed in another thread Dane posting areas going active by their "FDA" numbers (with the numbers seemingly corresponding to some map on Sonic's end).
I'm wondering what "FDA" this area is considered so that we could at least know what numbers to look out for, to see if it's approaching (if it's not already). What "FDA" numbers are nearby (in case our actual location happens to be an edge case where 58th & Shattuck is the border to a different FDA).


You'd likely be in FDA 8A or 8B in Job 2 in that region. The expected in-service date at the moment is 2/12/2019, which is 90 days from today. I'm hopeful that we'll meet that, but there are many variables that can help or hinder us as we build and activate network segments. Here's the map of those two FDAs, FYI:
by lylebarrere » Fri Jan 04, 2019 3:49 pm
dane wrote:
I'll ask Engineering to give it another look now.

Happy new year Dane!

Any update from engineering? What sort of bracing did engineering think needed to be installed? CPUC is reporting that the pole is safe and not overloaded but I didn't ask them about bracing. I can follow up with them if I know what is needed,
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