by Anything_BUT_AT&T » Sun Aug 18, 2019 8:33 am
We were told by EarthLink that they offer FTTH, only to find out that the salesman was clueless and they are simply leasing the AT&T FTTN infrastructure.

As several comments above indicate, Danville CA residents are DESPERATE to have fiber to the home. I am a community organizer and can guarantee at least 5,000 households will make the switch if Sonic is willing to invest in our community. Most likely, you'll have 15,000 make the switch within a year.

Our planning commission and town council include AT&T employees and Verizon and AT&T shareholders (two council members have between 10k-100k in Verizon and AT&T stock). We are ready for a change and ready to end the conflicts of interest that keep Sonic and other competitors out of cities like Danville.

George Lucas paid for his entire city to have a fiber infrastructure in Marin County. How about letting 5,000 of us invest with Sonic in a fiber infrastructure here in Contra Costa County?