Need Sonic /Pogowave technician at house for internet issues

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by sandytro » Fri Feb 03, 2012 10:06 pm
Ok, here it last hurrah in hope of getting help from Sonic.
So we are on week 3 now of limited to no internet by Sonic / Pogowave now out in West Occidental. There is an interference which is frustrating them as they cannot locate it. We have great hope they can and will do so. Can you imagine how it is affecting all of us witout internet? Yes, absolutely, I give full credit to Sonic's Pogowave team who are working very hard to figure it out.
My issue is that we have requested a technician to come to the house for 3 weeks now to make sure there is nothing they can do to help us and to check our set up, especially since we havent had anyone out here for over 3 years and mostly some of our neighbors with newer equipment are not experiencing problems. We are willing to pay for upgraded hardware yet nobody has come.
I give credit to Sonic as I have had very forthcoming conversations in forum and on phone with Ceo and customer service but still no physical person at my door to make sure they cant improve our internet.
We are not just retired people who need the internet for email or surfing the internet. We are people running businesses or being green and telecommuting. Dial up is not an option except for emergencies.
My neighbors are telling me not to stir it up as it is all we have, and they are worried you will throw in the towel and cancel them, but you know what, that is not right. You bought pogowave and you have to keep it going. There are many who are not being affected by this particular interference and hopefully never will.
In todays economy and housing Sonic needs to come through for those of us in West and the rest of Sonoma county who rely on them. President Obama gave a speech a couple of years ago about making sure that all of america, incuding farmers, have access to the internet. Sonic has the chance to do so within Sonoma county and should do so in the place they started as well as have the opportunity to expand to other arenas as they are busily doing now.
So this message is for Dane, Ceo of Sonic and Eli, customer service manager--- please do the right thing and make this right. All I have asked for during the past 3 frustrating weeks for is someone to come to my house to check my set up. Any company would have done so by now. I dont mind if I have to wait for a 8-12 or 1-4 or 4-8 window, I need help. My hands are tied.
There are many others of us that would appreciate this service from you. If you cant send technicians to 25 people paying you $90/month for broadband service, how will you do so for you to the thousands of users with your expansion to Fusion?
Unfortunately? the forum appears to be the only way to get a response. Sorry for the length of this.
I love living in Sonoma county, but need the internet.
I appreciate your help with this
You have my address and phone number.
by arr » Sat Feb 04, 2012 9:15 am

I apologize for the lack of response. I will be calling you shortly.

Thank you,
Andrew R.
Sonic.Net Technical Support
by sandytro » Sun Feb 05, 2012 7:10 pm
Thank you for your fast response. I look forward to the visit by the tech on tuesday.
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