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by Guest » Wed Feb 01, 2012 7:22 pm
I replaced a Sonic provided SP-206 DSL splitter/filter with a new Suttle brand splitter/filter and fixed a sync problem.

details: got new Fusion service and worked well for a week. Then started getting intermittent sync issues (modem sync repeatedly - yellow light blinks on ZTE modem). I noticed static on voice line. After trying to see if using corded phone makes difference, or trying to connect modem only without phone to isolate issue, I called support and they ran line tests (passed fine although at slightly slower speed than before) said it may be related to a big rainfall the night before and asked me to watch for a few days and call again if problems persists. After a week of intermittent issues (and no rain), it got worse. Sonic sent new modem, which I connected but got sync issues again and had to reset modem to get it to reconnect. New modem came with a different splitter, so tried that, and problem went away. Voice line has less static too. So far, OK for 2 days.

So the white SP-206 splitter seems bad. The beige Shuttle splitter with two jacks and one short cord seems to be the solution. SP-206 has three jacks and no cord.

My question: I realize DSL filters go bad, but is this common and should I keep a few new ones ready or to replace periodically? If I buy retail, do you recommend another good one (maybe At&t store' or Radio Shack).

I guess this is a case of a weakest link in the chain making system fail. I was prepared to blame house wiring but dreaded that. Neighbors in same apartment had good DSL (via AT&T) so I thought line to CO was good.
by Guest » Fri Feb 10, 2012 7:24 pm
I posted the earlier info, but I was wrong. Had problem again, with static on the voice line came up again, an lost sync. The tech support staff said it may be a line interference problem-- since it's so intermittent. I'm going to get a shielded phone cable and see it helps. Currently, the voice line is crystal clear and I get good internet speeds.

I'm actually using the original filter now. When technician called my voice line, the DSL line lost sync at the same time, but we think there's some interference going on.
by dane » Fri Feb 10, 2012 8:27 pm
The loss of sync when you get a phone call points toward filtering - or possibly a bad telephone. Another customer posted that they had a similar issue, and replacing one bad old phone resolved it.
Dane Jasper
by Guest » Sun Feb 12, 2012 7:43 pm
Dane, Thanks. I have a brand new cordless phone (Panasonic DECT 6) and no other active phone jacks with phones. I will try new filters and also with shielded cord to see if that helps. Things have been good for a few days but went bad again today -- maybe it's related to the rain, but was OK on other rainy days. It' hard to figure out since it's intermittent -- it may be some kind of RF interference too...
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