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by Guest » Fri Jan 20, 2012 12:02 am
After running the tool it says I am in range for ADSL2+ at 12500 feet. I current have an old Covad line that has been solid for a decade. It currently runs at 3mb/768k and is stable. I am wondering is it realistic to get ADSL2+ from Sonic and see something of an increase in speed? Also if I do bonded ADSL2+ does the speed essentially double? So even if kept the same speed as I have now, I'd be able to bump up to 6/1.5?

I currenetly have the 105mbps service from the cable provider but I use the current Covad line for shell access, hosting, static IP and a good solid connection for VPN connections to work. It seems like Sonic can replace my Covad line and possibly get me some higher speeds. Is it realistic to think I can actually get a better connection at 12500 feet???
by vsp » Fri Jan 20, 2012 7:49 am
The tool you refer to told me I'm 3600' from the CO. Turns out, after months of frustrations, that it's actually ~8000', depending on how they measure it. So, do not necessarily believe the results you've gotten.

At my distance, sonic has not been able to deliver ADSL2+. I'm getting ADSL1 because that's the only mode that's been remotely stable. What I'm told is that I'm too far and the line quality (line attenuation 38-39dB) is too marginal for the system to deliver even ADSL2, let alone 2+, to me.

I get 3.5/0.6 Mbps with erratic stability. Oddly enough, when I had AT&T's DSL (same lines, same CO, obviously) I was getting 5-6Mpbs down and 0.9-1Mpbs up.

We continue to work on it, but I'm not hopeful I'll ever see ADSL2+. I would, however, like to see a stable line at the speed AT&T was able to deliver.

Just a single data point. YMMV.
by Guest » Fri Jan 20, 2012 4:24 pm
The 12500 feet seems like what it is if I remember correctly when I installed DSL years ago. Its close at least. I was just wondering is ADSL2+ available at this distance? Maybe what I should do is bring in a second line, let get that one situated, then if it works, move my other line over for bonded ADSL2+.
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