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Question about my neighbor(hood)

Posted: Mon Sep 28, 2015 7:28 pm
by wresnick
I have Fusion at up to 20Mbps. The system doesn't show me any other options. If I key in my next door neighbor's address, it shows an additional option to get 50Mbps speed. The wall where my connection comes into the house faces the wall where my neighbor's connection goes into his house. The line coming from the street comes down between our two houses. That makes the distances about identical. The distance from the front of my neighbor's house to the back of the house is many times longer than the distance between our homes, meaning a connection in my neighbor's home could be a greater distance by far more than the distance between where the phone lines connect. All this makes it seem pretty arbitrary to me.

In my case, the jack being used is the closest possible one and has a Cat5e cable from the drop end, and my neighbor's house uses the crappy wire that the builder put in, so it would be impossible for my neighbor to get a better signal. Given that we are an identical distance from the CO, and that any measured loss at my neighbor's house would be the same as or worse than at my house, am I stuck with this arbitrary limit, or is there a way to have somebody go by what my FTTN modem shows?

Re: Question about my neighbor(hood)

Posted: Mon Sep 28, 2015 11:30 pm
by virtualmike
It doesn't sound like you have FTTN. You should call Support (at 611) and describe this situation. Perhaps the AT&T database that describes distances to various addresses has an error with your address (or your neighbor's).

The 50 Mbps option likely is VDSL, which suggests the system believes he's within 8/10 of a mile from the telco central office that serves your neighborhood. Do you recall seeing any AT&T buildings within that distance?

Re: Question about my neighbor(hood)

Posted: Wed Feb 12, 2020 12:13 pm
by wresnick
It turned out that the "error" was that out of the three pairs going into my home, only one could be provisioned because two were hooked up to bad lines going from a point under my sidewalk (where the neighbor's lines also hook up) to the CO. AT&T told me unofficially, since I am not their customer and they weren't even supposed to talk to me about it, that if I had the service, they would simply switch pairs to a working one. Since Sonic was the customer, they were entitled to the same level of service as any other customer. But Sonic was a dead end. AT&T couldn't put in a work order based on what I said. And Sonic kept telling me that there was nothing that they could do, because the problem is at AT&T's end. It was, but Sonic had the right to ask them to fix it. It was like talking to a brick wall.

I finally have AT&T's database corrected (not thanks to Sonic or official channels) so I was able to order the upgrade through Sonic. AT&T should show up, find a problem with the line quality, which they can fix by swapping out the connections, and they can go from there. The only question now is whether sticking with Sonic was a mistake, because they refuse to fix problems (not just this) or take responsibility for what's obviously at their end.