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by Peter D » Sat Sep 24, 2011 5:17 pm
Fusion sounds great. Here are my questions:

As background info, I have 2 live AT&T lines now (one with DSL) and a 3rd (currently inactive) pair which was formerly used for naked DSL. The line with DSL doubles as a FAX line, while the other is our main number.

1. Ideally, I'd begin my Fusion service before disconnecting the AT&T DSL. While my AT&T DSL isn't fast, it's been rock-solid for years. I'd like some overlap so I can assess Fusion. Thus my dilemma - unless I port my main number to Fusion right away, I can't have both DSL services active on the existing active pairs. Can Sonic.net activate Fusion on my spare pair?

2. It sounds like starting with a bonded 2-line setup is better than ordering a single line & then adding later (since the lines can be configured from the same DSLAM initially). If I did start with one line, what's the potential downside if I later add the 2nd (e.g. need to change number, need to change modem, service outage (how long?), etc.)?

3. On that same topic, can one start with a Zyxel P-663HN-51 configured for a single line?

4. I use DD-WRT on a WiFi router which is configured as one side of a VPN link (not to mention all the other things already configured in such as static DHCP leases, wireless encryption, port forwarding, ...). I'd rather not have to redo all of that. Do you support using the P-663HN-51 purely as a bridge? (And can its WiFi be disabled?)

5. What about porting from wireless carriers? Can Sonic.net port in an AT&T Wireless (Cingular) number?

I'll probably come up with more questions, but that's it for now.

by jleake » Mon Sep 26, 2011 10:28 am
We can activate Fusion on your spare pair. The advantage of doing so would be that you can arrange to avoid all downtime and evaluate the new service before cancelling. Once the new connection is up and running to your satisfaction, you could port over an existing number to it, if you wanted. The disadvantage of doing so is that it's a more complicated process. Whenever a new pair is activated, there's a fairly strong possibility that the new line will have to be connected up to your phone jacks before you can use the service. If you switch over an existing number, the jacks switch with it. There's also a small possibility the new pair will not be as stable as the old pair.

If you start with one line, we may be able to just add a second line, but we may need to order a whole new connection as a brand new order. We can't port over an existing number as part of an upgrade, but we could port it over once the second line is up and running.

If you're sure you want to get two lines, the simplest thing we could do would definitely be to port over both existing numbers as part of the initial install. If you have a jack with both lines on it, all you have to do is plug in the modem. Downtime is generally less than a couple hours.
Juliana L.
Customer Support, Sonic.net, Inc.
by Peter D » Mon Sep 26, 2011 8:46 pm
Juliana -

Thank you very much. This gives me a good idea as to the issues raised in my first couple of questions.

Could you (or anyone else from Sonic) please address questions 3 through 5?

Thanks again,
by polpo » Tue Sep 27, 2011 12:31 am
I don't know about the Zyxel P-663HN-51, but the Comtrend Nexuslink 5631, which is what Sonic.net sells for dual-line Fusion these days, will work with a single line. It can also be put into bridging mode and have its WiFi disabled.
by jleake » Tue Sep 27, 2011 8:23 am
Wow, I totally missed those other questions... :)

3. The Zyxel can be configured to work with a single line on the outside pair. You may need to reconfigure your jack or use the included y-cable to swap the pairs to get up and running, but it's generally doable.

4. It can be reconfigured in bridge mode with the wifi off.

5. I believe we've had quite a bit of trouble porting from wireless carriers. Worst case, you could port the number to a voip provider and then port it over to us.
Juliana L.
Customer Support, Sonic.net, Inc.
by Peter D » Tue Sep 27, 2011 8:38 am
Thanks, Juliana -

This is all great info which is leading me more and more towards "how" as opposed to "if" I make the switch.

I do understand that the Zyxel uses "Line 2" as the primary DSL input, thus the need for the swap. (BTW, I do all my own inside wiring and colocate my DSL modem with the NID so no worries in any of these scenarios when it comes to wiring.) The real thrust of questions 3 & 4 was to be sure Sonic doesn't have a problem selling & supporting the 2-line modem in a single line and/or bridged configuration.

polpo's response does bring up another question. I asked about the Zyxel because that's what was listed on the Fusion "Equipment & Installation" page. Are you offering the Comtrend as well? (In which case are the answers to Q 3 & 4 the same?)

Thanks again,
by jleake » Tue Sep 27, 2011 8:56 am
Sounds like you'll have the wiring side of things well in hand!

We don't mind selling you a bonded modem if you're pretty sure you're going to be upgrading to a bonded line. It saves the trouble of shipping you a modem that's going to be returned later.

Currently we're offering the Zyxel but we were offering the Comtrend until recently. They're extremely similar devices, so the same answers apply.
Juliana L.
Customer Support, Sonic.net, Inc.
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