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by DanInOC » Sat Sep 10, 2011 4:07 pm
...but I'm worried it won't be cost effective. Unfortunately, down here in Irvine, we're not in the service area for fusion. I'd love to switch over from AT&T DSL and deal with Sonic instead, but, as I understand it, this requires a phone number from AT&T (currently, we don't have a landline, and stick with cell phones). AT&T wants to charge us $13/mo for the most basic landline service, and after taxes and fees, the bill nearly comes to $20/mo. That's a whole lot for a service that isn't going to get used much, not to mention no long distance and additional charges by the minute if we do use it.

Fusion seems like a great deal, but plain old DSL piggybacked on AT&T just seems like added cost for better tech support. Does anyone have a way to work around this phone line issue? Alternatively, Sonic-- when are you going to expand your fusion coverage? You have eager future customers!

by dane » Mon Sep 12, 2011 2:50 pm
I'll be the first to concede that our line-shared AT&T DSL services just are not price competitive if you don't have a use for the land-line. We hope to make up this difference with features, better support, no caps and rational policy, protection of your civil rights, etc. You'll have to weigh whether we are able to do enough to offset the overhead of the land-line. (Do assure that you get measured rate, with no features for the cheapest possible solution.)

As for Fusion expansion, we are working to expand into new territories. We're not yet revealing where we are building next, but there are lots of exciting things in the hopper.

Dane Jasper
by gp1628 » Tue Sep 13, 2011 6:07 am
I held out for a long time also but finally switched to Sonic.
Even if you look at it as Sonic providing the same AT&T service, its worth it. Just for the tech help if nothing else. I had PacBell up thru AT&T (all the buyouts and name changes) since Internet was first offered. Their support sucks.

Having Sonic as a go between for even the same lines is a total blessing. To be able to call Sonic, or email Sonic, then have THEM bang their heads on AT&T to get it handled is a great stress reliever. (I tend to start shaking when I cant get my internet fix :) )
by DanInOC » Tue Sep 27, 2011 5:42 pm
Ended up asking AT&T to knock off some of the unnecessary fees and got a phoneline for ~$12/mo including taxes and fees, so we're going to get the DSL through Sonic now. Even though we did not ask them to, AT&T decided to disconnect our DSL line when connecting the new phone line, rather than add the phone line to existing DSL. I only hope our DSL is back up soon, now that we've signed on with Sonic.
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