San Jose 10gig installation scheduled ... current equipment/cabling?

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by cadoretti » Sun Sep 25, 2022 10:11 am
drblack2k wrote:A brief update for anyone curious/watching.

Fibre was dropped from the pole to the side of my house last week, and the official install happened this morning. The promised junction box was installed outside, and a 35m fibre cable pulled thru a hole into my crawlspace into my basement. We had a hard time getting to the back of my rack box in the crawlspace, so I've got the fibre temporarily pulled thru a wall-box closer to the exterior until I can get back there myself on a weekend. (gotta love foundation extensions in WG)

Once we had the fibre pulled, getting the Adtran 622v provisioned and connected took all of 3 minutes, and my UDM-SE connected to it right away with a Cat6 cable between the 10G port and a 10gig SFP module. As compared to my gigabit AT&T Fibre gear, the 622v is tiny and uses almost no power ... then again, it is purely a modem/ONT, as compared to the AT&T gateway monstrosity.

I'm "only" getting 6.2gb download (5gb upload) bandwidth right now, but I suspect I may need a higher grade Cat6 patch cable, and/or I might be hitting the upper limit of the WAN connection on my UDM-SE. I'll have to scrounge some more equipment this weekend to do further tests. To be fair almost all of my equipment is either gigabit, or connected to WiFi, so I won't be bumping up against that limit for a while.

Extra special thanks and a shout-out to my installer, who patiently humored my request to try and pull the fibre line into the deep-recesses of my crawlspace.
If you have two 10 gig capable computers I recommend trying out an iperf test between them using the cable(s?) you want to verify. My area isn't eligible yet for the 10 gig upgrade but I'm jumping the gun and getting ready. I'm getting 9.49 gb/s over the cat 6 wire I ran about 120 feet.

I started with just manually assigning the two devices and and then a short cat 6 patch cable. Then when that worked I moved on to testing the longer new run the same way, then I added in the rack mount patch panel. Doing it in layers is probably the easiest way to keep the variables under control.

iperf3.exe -c -b 10G -P 4 -t 120
iperf3.exe -s (on the server)

is the specific test I ran. I used 23 awg monprice cable. This one specifically if interested Thats solid, not stranded cable. I used a short piece of monoprice stranded from the patch panel to one of the devices and still have kept the 9.49 gbps in speed tests.
by drblack2k » Thu Sep 29, 2022 10:02 pm
Another update for the curious...

I managed to get the fibre pulled into the back of my rack box, acquired a higher quality patch cable, and borrowed a 10gb Ethernet adaptor from a friend.

With my laptop directly connected to the modem, I'm pulling a solid 8.1gb download, and 6.2gb upload with For me, this seems to have verified that the fibre connection is good, as is my patch cable. I won't be pushing this connection hard anytime soon, although I did grab a 2.5gb adaptor to use upstairs, which is about as good as I'll get over the Cat5e in the walls.
by tarzxf » Wed Oct 19, 2022 10:06 pm
A few bucket trucks rolled down the street here in Japantown area last week stringing fiber between poles. Asked the spotter on the ground if it was for Sonic: "Yep!"

I'm ready to be rid of DOCSIS and crummy upload speeds.
by darrenmcgee » Wed Nov 30, 2022 11:30 am
Been using Sonic over copper for years and am eagerly awaiting fiber. Saw a bucket truck in Willow Glen installing fiber last month and got uber excited.

We're in the Blossom Valley neighborhood around Branham and Vista Park. Any idea when the fiber might be coming our way?
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