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OpenWRT, AT&T and IPv6

Posted: Sun Dec 05, 2021 12:35 pm
by mpiechotka

I have problems with setting up OpenWRT and IPv6. On Comcast it worked but it looks like Sonic/AT&T box is filtering the 6to4 connection even if the IPv6 is disabled for LAN.

Is it possible to get a IPv6? Or at least a modem which does not filter IPv6 (recommendation for dumb box equivalent of DOCIS modem are welcome - I presume I can get PPP data from Sonic)?

Re: OpenWRT, AT&T and IPv6

Posted: Thu Dec 16, 2021 4:12 pm
by michaelsanders
After a lot of searching online I was able to get it working with the following:


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config interface 'wan6'
        option proto '6rd'
        option peeraddr ''
        option ip6prefix '2602:240::'
        option ip6prefixlen '28'
        # The entries below are optional but sped up my connection.

        # See
        option mtu '1480'

        # Cloudflare DNS
        option peerdns '0'
        list dns '2606:4700:4700::64'
        list dns '2606:4700:4700::6400'

Then reboot or run:

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/etc/init.d/network restart

I'm using Sonic ADSL through AT&T with a PACE 5268AC rental modem bridged via LAN subport (had to call support to get it working - the default bridging on the web interface was not functional on either IPv4 or IPv6). IPv6 tunnel must be enabled at


- ... _or_5268ac
- ... otocol_6rd